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viernes, marzo 16, 2007

New At The Dream Antilles

Today I find myself looking out the window. And what do I see? Lots of red wing blackbirds gorging themselves, because it's snowing, and it's snowing hard. Yuck. The Prognostico: a nor'easter with deep snow by tomorrow afternoon. Let's call this new, late storm "The March Madness Blizzard."

If you've been here before, you'll notice some changes. First, at the suggestion of somebody who shall remain nameless but who really knows and understands these things, this blog is now no longer white on black. Why? Because this way it'll supposedly be easier to read. At least I think so.

It's easy to change these kinds of things. The problem is that when you make changes, you lose all of your "custom content". So today, dear reader, I spent some time searching for and then re-installing the "custom content."

The best part of this change? If you click on the badge/button for "map stats" (it's on the right with the other badges) you can see the location of whoever is then reading the Dream Antilles. If there's just you, you'll see a little arrow marking where you are.

The other good thing, especially considering the weather, is that if you click this you can see the beach in Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo, Mexico in real time. You can imagine the warmth. You can imagine the turquoise sea. Maybe the picture and your imagination make the snow a little easier to bear.


Anonymous Sandy said...

I love the new look...clean, white...snow-like! Ahhh. After a 68 degree day on Wednesday, it's time to shovel and oil up the snow blower! I loved being able to look at the tropics!

10:09 p.m.  

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