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sábado, julio 05, 2008

No More Mets Stories, Maybe

Swinging. And Missing.

Last night's 3-2 walk off, bottom of the ninth inning loss to Philadelphia might have canceled the post season for the Mets. They are now 2 games below .500, 5.5 games behind Philadelphia in the Division, and 6 games behind in the National League wild card race. The all star break is coming. Put another way, considering how they are playing, they are now too far behind to be in the playoffs. This "performance" also might have ended my writing about them. After all, what's to say about this team's repeated disappointments? How many variations are there on underachieving? frustrating? lackluster? And how many times am I going to suggest that instead of new manager they needed a new team psychologist?

Some statistics from last night: Carlos Delgado struck out 3 times and went hitless, Carlos Beltran struck out twice and went hitless. The Mets had a grand total of 4 hits. In other words, no offense. So when the mighty Johan gives up 2 runs-- if he were really as good as they claim, would he have given up only 1 run?-- the Mets lose. End of season. Wait till next year.