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miércoles, septiembre 24, 2008

The Yachats Gathering Of Shaman

Don Francisco and Don Umberto

The Second Annual Gathering of Shaman: Global Vigil Fire was held over Autumn Solstice Weekend on the coast of Oregon in Yachats. Co-created by Wake and Kinlen Wheeler and the Global Ayllu of trained Shaman, including Don Francisco, and Don Humberto of the Q’ero, the group of more than 30 people joined together to continue to weave the New Global Tapestry, to dream a world of peace and justice into being. We brought together all our hearts' desires and visions of what the world can be. We joined each other in the fire and offered our weaving of visionary threads to the Universe to invite it to co-create with us a new world.

It was especially enjoyable to meet and participate in ceremonies with Don Humberto and Don Francisco of the Q'ero, the descendants of the Inca. As important, the presence of the Q'ero fulfills their own prophecy, to reach down from the high Andes to bring the rest of the world a message of joyful peace and respect for the earth.

Last year there were over 50 fires connected in this beautiful dream. This year there were more than 100.

Between 4 and 6 am on September 21 I found myself with a group of lovely Shaman from as far away as Ireland at the fire. I was aware of the Hopi prophecy that when there are a million fires all around the world, there will be peace. I also perceive that sitting quietly, or singing, or joking, or talking while tending the fire is a step toward universal peace. How? By focusing ourselves on how we would like the world to be, on how to walk in beauty on the earth.

I offer my gratitude to all of those who made this fire possible.

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