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viernes, enero 02, 2009

My Dog Can Beat Your Dog Up!

Hollywood, sometimes you are really, really hard to put up with. Really. An example, is Marley & Me, a dog movie featuring this dog:

A cute, yellow lab puppy. And its cute owners, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Everything is so totally cute, and 90's, and clean, and upscale, it might make the viewer (in this case me) want to shout theater in a open fire and shoot his fellow postal recipients with paint balls. But I digress.

Here is a real life dog, Maya, my dog:

She is very cute, but she's no longer a puppy. She is almost 7. And her owners are very cute (trust me on this), but they are no longer in their early 30s. Unlike Aniston and Wilson's characters, they are not having their third child. They did that almost two decades ago. They aren't cardboard cut outs like the people in Marley & Me. No. They are actual, real people. And their dog is a real dog.

I've been told that across the world, but not in the US, theater has turned its back on realism. Fine. I can turn my back on realism to. But first, I have a question. When is Hollywood going to turn its back on pap?

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Anonymous coffee buzz said...

judging by the box office, it looks like Jennifer Aniston is giving Brad Pitt a run for his money...

1:31 a.m.  

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