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martes, enero 27, 2009

Why The Mayan Riviera Beckons

Nah Yaxche, on the beach in Bahia Soliman, near Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Tonight the weather forecast in the Northeast US is for yet another big storm. This time we're expecting more than 10" of snow. We've already had 3 storms this winter of more than 6". We've already had an ice storm that knocked down trees and wires, leaving thousands of people without electric power, some for up to a week. Yesterday morning, it was -4F. On Saturday the wind chill was -30F. This morning it is a glorious 3F. Even the cats and dogs don't want to be outside. Long story short: I have to be crazy to stay here. I can understand thoroughly why the pioneers after checking out New England and Eastern New York for a few decades immediately and deliberately started moving to the south and west. They were looking for something, all right. They were looking for a place where you could leave your car outside and not have to spend 10 minutes scraping the ice off your windshield. They were just trying to escape.

And so, this would be a really great time to head to the Mayan Riviera of Mexico. The temperature today and everyday this week there will be in the mid-80's F. The sun is shining. You can see the beach in Akumal right here on a web cam. Look out your window. Now look at the image on your screen. Compare. You tell me which seems better.

Our house in Bahia Soliman is renting for a 5-day window in early February at a ridiculously low, reduced rental. You can take advantage of this. Just fly to Cancun (airfare is inexpensive), rent a car (ditto), and get away from Winter for a few days. Soliman Bay is absolutely paradise. And the peso, instead of being 10 to the dollar is now about 13, so everything seems to be 25%+ cheaper once you arrive.

What are you waiting for? Buen viaje.

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