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lunes, febrero 23, 2009

Congratulations, Grampa

So. Diego Maradona is now a grandfather:
Soccer great Diego Maradona says being a grandfather has given him a ''burst of youthfulness.''

Benjamin Aguero Maradona was born Feb. 19 in Madrid to Giannina Maradona and Sergio Aguero, who plays for Atletico Madrid and for Argentina's national team.

''I thought saying the word 'grandfather' was for old men,'' the 48-year-old Argentina coach said, ''but when I saw Benja, I was overcome with a burst of youthfulness.''

Asked which team his grandson will root for, Maradona said: ''He'll choose.''
That's something. Especially because for the past 32 years, the entire world of football can be divided into two parts, depending on one's view of one emblematic event, Maradona's June 22, 1986 goal in Mexico City against England:

Let the shouting begin.

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