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viernes, diciembre 04, 2009

James Joyce: One Paragraph From Ulysses

James Joyce and Sylvia Beach at Shakespeare & Co.

From page 674 of Ulysses:

What advantages attended shaving by night?
A softer beard: a softer brush if intentionally allowed to remain from shave to shave in its agglutinated lather: a softer skin if unexpectedly encountering female acquaintances in remote places at incustomary hours: quiet reflections upon the course of the day: a cleaner sensation when awaking after a fresher sleep since matutinal noises, premonitions and perturbations, a clattered milkcan, a postman's double knock, a paper read, reread while lathering, relathering the same spot, a shock, a shoot, with thought of aught he sought thought fraught with nought might cause a faster rate of shaving and a nick on which incision plaster with precision cut and humected and applied adhered which was to be done.

Maybe this blog after meandering so far and wide is returning to its lit blog self? No. Maybe it's just with thought of aught he sought thought fraught with nought? Maybe not.

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