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domingo, octubre 24, 2010

While We're Talking About Jaguars

Leaving aside for this post my apparent obsession with Jaguars, the Mayans for over a millennium have been building temples with Jaguar imagery. Here's a brief tour of two wonderful Mayan Jaguar temples. The first is at Tikal, Guatemala.

The second it at Lamanai, Belize.

There are of course many ancient Mayan carvings of jaguars. Like this one of a jaguar said to be devouring a human heart at Chichen Itza in Mexico:

The temples were built without the use of the wheel. The rocks were assembled without the use of steel. The carvings were made using obsidian and other hard materials to cut the limestone. All of which is to say that Mayan devotion to the jaguar overcame technological obstacles to building these sacred objects.

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