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jueves, abril 12, 2012

What's Her Name??

Face it. The latest political poutrage is completely phony. Do I care if Hilary Rosen (whom I never heard of before) says that Ann Romney (who drives two Cadillacs) "never worked a day in her life?" Well, no, not really.

I never heard of Hilary Rosen until now. I don't think she works for Obama. And more important, I don't know whether her assertion about Ann Romney is true. Most disconcerting, I don't quite get in a world filled with people who constantly promote themselves and compete with each other, how it was she who became the epicenter of today's sham outrage. I mean, from Kim Kardashian to this? Horror. And now that she's apologized (I can't imagine for what), she's going to be even more famous. That's how it works. Poutrage, apology, fame. No matter.

I'm pretty anonymous, but I bet I have more name recognition going for me than Hilary Rosen. Maybe not after today. Can we now go back to whatever we were doing before?

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