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viernes, mayo 04, 2012

The Return

Sliabh na Caillí, County Meath, Ireland

Your Bloguero hasn't been at the Dream Antilles for a bit. He traveled to Ireland for an International Shaman Gathering and didn't write while he was away. He returned yesterday with a brutal cough and a low fever, and he immediately slept twelve consecutive hours. Today he remains entirely out of his normal waking reality. But enough of your Bloguero's boring, somatic complaints.

A highlight of the journey was a return to Sliabh na Caillí, where your Bloguero first received a communication in 2009 from the crone to complete his book, Tulum. And last week after three years of writing was his return book in hand to to declare that he had finished this quest, that he had written the book, that it had been published. But that's not all. Your Bloguero went also to inquire whether anything else was desired.

Your Bloguero acknowledges that he had some trepidation about his return: what if the book were inadequate, what if he had failed, what if he hadn't fully done what was requested, what if, what if, what if. All he could do was to put all of that worry aside and return to see what would happen. To see whether there was another message.

Your Bloguero is now starting to gather information for a third novella. And he has the "assignment" to keep going, to keep writing, to pursue the tale with even greater joy. To write even more joyfully. Your Bloguero is proud that he completed this imramma and he is happy to have received this confirmation. And now, when he has vanquished the "sacred cough," your Bloguero will press on here and on novella 3.

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