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miércoles, julio 25, 2012

A Blog Recommendation

Your Bloguero does not usually recommend that you visit and read other blogs. So this post may come to you, dear reader, as a major surprise.

Our friend Matthew is living and eating in Vietnam. He has graced the kitchen at your Bloguero's casa with his innovations many delicious times. He is a true and dedicated foodie. And he has received your Bloguero's culinary seal of approval. Put another way, the dude knows food. Especially Asian food. So you may want to visit So, if you have a stomach and like putting delicious things in your mouth, you really must visit his new blog, The Missing Ingredient: Notes from the Streets of Southeast Asia.

Your Bloguero loves the blog. He only wishes the pixels were edible. Go there. Now. Salivate. Enjoy.

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