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lunes, noviembre 19, 2012

Save The Twinkies!!

The New York Times has potentially good news:

Pushed by a bankruptcy judge eager to save thousands of jobs, Hostess Brands and one of its biggest unions agreed to mediation on Monday, in a last-ditch effort to avoid winding down Hostess, the bankrupt maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread.

At the behest of the judge, Hostess Brands and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union, which represents 5,600 Hostess workers, will meet with a mediator on Tuesday to try to narrow their differences toward a labor agreement.

If the mediation succeeds, it could prevent the liquidation of the company and save 18,500 jobs. Otherwise, Hostess is likely to auction off its well-known brands, leaving the fates of those workers in limbo.

How wonderful. I was having trouble imagining a Twinkie-less world. And I'm happy to see that the hoarding of Twinkies (and other Hostess products) by exploiters of nostalgia and internet selling profiteers may amount to zilch. Serves them right.

I haven't personally eaten a Twinkie in years. But I might eat one if they are saved just to get the inside, cream filled story. The story about whether they are still awful in a very delightful way.

I confess, however, to eating a Tastykake chocolate cupcake (actually 3) during a recent highway journey. And let me tell you this, just so your anticipation of nuevo or redesigned or restored Twinkies remains controlled, it was not anywhere near as good as the product of the same name I devoured as a kid. And there's this bad news: Tastykake is one of the companies who are ogling Hostess's products. Be forewarned.

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