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jueves, agosto 18, 2005

Desde Desdemona For A While

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On Saturday, I'm taking the plane to the yellow sea plane. It takes two days to get there from here (I bet you knew that), and I'll be in desde Desdemona for a little more than a week. I will leave my watch, my cell phone, my palm pilot, and my ordinary, habitual waking consciousness here. My short term goal: to swim and float near the reef and to sample those salty, pretzel shaped stories floating in the sea. I hope to bring some of these stories back for all of you to enjoy. I hope I can find some in English or Spanish or some other language we know. While I'm gone refreshing myself and collecting these, you can always leave your own stories here as comments.

A friend reports that last week he was in Ireland. He stopped by the ocean, the great cold, grey Northern Ocean, while he was reading The Dream Antilles, and was inspired by Ona to pick up some bags of plastic detritus the Sea had deposited on the beach, just as Ona does. I'm extremely thankful for this. That's what The Dream Antilles is trying to inspire in us.