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domingo, octubre 23, 2005

El Norte

For three days Hurricane Wilma stalled over Quintana Roo, Mexico, drenching Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and everything else. Winds destroyed buildings. Power lines fell. People suffered in shelters or struck out for the interior to find shelter. Homes were destroyed, especially those of the poor. Cars were flooded. Sewage backed up. Then the Hurricane started to move toward Florida, and in the US the topic of what had happened in Mexico, what had been destroyed, who had been killed or hurt, what needed to be done about it, how lives would be restored, all began to vanish from the "news." I didn't hear the media suggest that donations be made to the Red Cross. Speeches by President Fox, who visited the scene today, haven't been broadcast. For those with loved ones in Quintana Roo the story continues. But for the rest, the hype has now turned to Florida, and the imaginary border between the US and Mexico means that people in the US, unless they have friends, family, vacation reservations or business in Quntana Roo, won't have to concern themselves with the rest of the story. In a week it will be a distant, fuzzy memory for most people in the US.

But for those of us who know Quintana Roo, and who love it, there's an ache and a tear from the second hurricane to visit this year. And a prayer that all will be safe.

Soon, we hope, people in Quintana Roo and new visitors to this paradise will again rejoice in a turquoise sea, and enjoy lush green vegetation, and allow their terrestrial cares to be gently floated away by sweet smelling, calm breezes.