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jueves, mayo 10, 2007

'Tis The Season

From The Dream Antilles

"Oh what questions!" Swamiji snickered. "Why are you asking me these questions, do you think I know the answers to them?"
"Well, actually," Arjuna responded, "Don't you?"
"Of course not, you silly man!" Swamiji exploded in laughter. "I only answer practical questions. You know that by now!" Usually the outburst infected the other disciples and they too would be convulsed.
"I told you many times," Swamiji said, "Just notice and appreciate the perfection in everything and feel your gratitude. When you have learned to do this, I will notice it and I will give you the next step. Meanwhile, eat nothing but watermelon."
"Why watermelon?" Swamiji anticipated. "Because it will help to develop your sense of humor." He found this remark hysterical and was again convulsed with a torrent of laughter which his disciples shared.
Arjuna dutifully wandered off in search of watermelon. "Is that why he laughs like that?" he wondered. None of the other disciples was eating only watermelon. This must be something he needed, a special prescription for his personal enlightenment."

Then there's this Wiki.

And the answer to your question: why now? Why show this now, when in some places Winter is beginning, and in some places it is the hot season, and in some places it is the beginning of the rainy season?

Why indeed. Because today in usually grey Upstate New York it is at last green. And warm. Mid 80's. And yesterday, the first watermelon arrived in the supermarket.

This first watermelon is actually too pale. And it is not sweet enough. And not completely juicy. And it costs too much. But it is a hint, a tease of the abundant sweetness and warmth and humidity and greenness and fireflies and laziness soon to arrive. It is a reminder of the imminence of Eden. And it is truly something to celebrate.

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