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sábado, julio 12, 2008

An Apology To The Metserati

The Aging Clean Head Himself

For some strange reason, after I wrote the Mets off and said their season was over and that I'd never write about them again until 2009, they woke up. They have now won 8 in a row and are suddenly 6 games over .500. They are in second place exactly .5 game behind the overachieving Philadelphia Philatelists. Tomorrow is the last game before the All Star break. Can the Metropolitans make it 9 in a row? Who knows? Can the Philadlephia Philanthropists not give away first place? Stay tuned.

And Carlos Delgado, my aging hero, the clean headed bellweather of this team? Since July 2, he's batting .325 with 2 honrons and 5 RBI. Much better. Much, much better. And his season average now stands at an almost but not really respectable .246. Things are improving. Maybe some time in the next month Carlos will get his jersey dirty. Then the playoffs are certain to be a lock.

And so, in fairness, I apologize to the Metseratti and the Mets themselves. I apologize particularly to Carlos Delgado. Lo siento. Mi culpa. I'm sorry. It was my fault. I was wrong about you.

I hope the team continues to play well and that it ends up in the World Series. In the possible and maybe even probable event that they don't, I'll retract my apology and write about how they stunk continually with a possible exception for their string in early July and that it was all somehow, though I love him, Carlos Delgado's fault. I wouldn't be a Mets fan if I couldn't do that.

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