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viernes, septiembre 26, 2008

Step Right Up And Beat The Mets

Arrrrgh. I think the pennant race is over, over, over.

The Metsies lost to the Fish 6 to 1 tonight. Their offense was non-existent. And Pelfrey's pitching was not so great (to be kind, though I'm not sure why I want to be kind about this). In fact, tonight's disaster was his fourth loss to the Fish this season. In 6 magnificent innings he allowed 3 runs and 8 hits. And then the star studded bullpen took over. There were four relievers in the seventh. The results: three walks, a wild pitch, a hit batter and Florida scored twice to make it 5-1. The rest wasn't so hot either.

There are only two games left. The Philadelphia Philatelists wrap it all up if they win or if the Metsies lose.

The Metsies got into first place last Friday. Since then they have won 2 games and lost 5.

And the wild card? The Mets trail the streaking Milwaukee Beer Muscles by a full game.

Folks, I'm sorry to state the obvious, but it is over, really over for this year.