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viernes, diciembre 10, 2010

I Am Bernie Sanders, And You Are Bernie, Too

Today I was captivated for 8.5 hours as Vermont's Senator Bernie Sanders spoke about the tax bill. But it wasn't just the tax bill that he was talking about. The speech was actually a progressive manifesto about the way that ordinary middle class and poor Americans are being plundered by the richest 1%.

And it was the most important political speech-- by far-- of the past two years. Seldom, if ever, has anyone seized the spotlight to discuss and examine so thoroughly the the plundering of the nation by its wealthiest citizens. And to demand so clearly that the government provide genuine relief for the millions of Americans who are now suffering the consequences of the plunder.

The top 1% need further tax relief like a fish needs a bicycle. And if it took most of today to get that point across, it was worth it.

In reaction, Bill Clinton today explained at Obama's press briefing how this tax deal was such a great thing for the country. And the theme tonight on MSNBC seems to be that dems should hold their noses and vote for the bill. All of that stands in sharp contrast to Bernie's speech today. It was intelligent. And heartfelt. And passionate. And it expressed a deep and abiding concern for the oppressed and the downtrodden.

When I voted for Obama, I hoped that his policies and leadership would give voice to those concerns. But alas, in December, 2010, it has fallen to Senator Sanders to express these bedrock, liberal, progressive concerns. I am delighted that he did so. And I am chagrined that he received so little support in the chamber from his colleagues.

The Senate is still an old boys' club. That Senator Sanders stood alone for so long today, and that so few took the floor with him, is the epitome of what is wrong in America. Governmental compassion and understanding, relief for the most needy, is unfathomable. The Senate has been bought and sold.

For Bernie's views about all of this, see this Washington Post article.



Blogger david seth michaels said...

Thank you, Bernie, for saying so passionately what needed to be said.

Where are the more and better democrats??

9:21 p.m.  

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