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jueves, junio 07, 2012

The Obligatory 2012 New York Mets Post

The Old Perfessor would love this.

I confess. I’ve been stalling. I've been holding out. Last year The O2011NYMP was easy. The team was terrible and their season was over almost immediately after it began in April. This year, not the same thing.

Today the Metsies are 32 and 26, 6 games over 500. And they’re only 1.5 games out of first. Johan Santana pitched a no hitter; RA Dickey is 9-1. David Wright is batting .362. Lucas Duda (who?) has 10 home runs. So the big question, the question TO2012NYMP has to answer is this: can they keep it up?

Are you kidding? Of course they can. This is a scrappy, lucky team. When you’re a scrappy, lucky team you win games you should lose. You win somehow. You avoid what should be inevitable losses. Yes, their bullpen is awful. Yes, they have no depth. Yes, an injury or two could take them to the cellar in record time. Of course. They could implode at any second (witness 2010). But with about a third of the season played and two thirds to go, they could be contenders.

That’s exciting. I’m skeptical. And I'm used to everything going wrong that can. But all that comes with being a Mets fan.

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