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domingo, junio 10, 2012

Today's Marches In Mexico: Crickets in the US Trad Media

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise.

I think I told you that something important was happening today in Mexico. I wrote about it yesterday, and I then rescued my own diary to tell you about it again today.

So here's the big question after all of that: did anything of note happen in Mexico today? Did it? Do you know? Funny you should ask.

First, let's try an experiment. If you are in the US, do a google news search for "yo soy 132 Mexico," and what do you see? Nada. Zilch. Cero. Bupkis, Nothing. Evidently, nothing happend according to the Trad MediaTM. No surprises there. If it did happen, and you will find no spoiler in this paragraph, why should it be reported in the US? Why indeed.

And then, you wander over to to CNN Mexico and see this, the lead story headlined "Miles de ciudadanos marchan contra Peña Nieto" (Thousands of Citizens March Against Pena Nieto):

Jóvenes de diversas escuelas y organizaciones sociales se reunieron este domingo en el Zócalo de la Ciudad de México, de donde partieron hacia el Ángel de la Independencia para realizar la que denominaron la segunda marcha anti-Peña Nieto.

Alrededor de 90,000 personas participaron en la manifestación, según cifras que la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública del Distrito Federal brindó a CNNMéxico. En la primera marcha, el 19 de mayo, asistieron unos 46,000 manifestantes.

Los contingentes gritaron consignas contra el aspirante presidencial de la coalición Compromiso por México, Enrique Peña Nieto, para iniciar su recorrido por Paseo de la Reforma. Peña Nieto es militante del Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), que busca recuperar la presidencia que perdió en el 2000.

Oh yes. In English (pardon me for that and my rush translation):

Young people from various schools and social organizations gathered Sunday at the Zócalo in Mexico City, from where they left the Angel of Independence for the second march against Peña Nieto.

Around 90,000 people participated in the demonstration, according to figures the Ministry of Public Security of the Federal District provided to CNNMéxico. In first march on 19 May, some 46,000 protesters attended.

The contingents chanted slogans against the presidential candidate of the coalition Compromiso por Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, before starting their march on Paseo de la Reforma. Peña Nieto is a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which seeks to regain the presidency it lost in 2000.

And then there's this small photo, too:

One of Yo Soy 132's main gripes is that the Trad MediaTM in Mexico are dominated by the PRI. That they don't report the news, that their polls are rigged, and that, of course, they keep saying that EPN will win the July 1 election. Why should all of that be reported in the US? I mean: we don't have that problem in the US, do we? I mean: in the US the Trad MediaTM aren't like the Mexican Media. Hell no. I mean: they tell it straight. And they report the facts. And they're not dominated by the major parties. What goes on south of the Rio Grande is utterly without significance here. Right?

No reason to report what's going on in Mexico. No, Sir. Why FFS none of that has any applicability here at all. It's obvious. Nothing to see in Mexico. Nada.

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