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jueves, agosto 02, 2012

The Fire And The Air

Last night, TCI in Ghent, New York had a fire. The fire started after midnight. It was still burning this morning. TCI is a recycling business. Long story short: the fire may have released into the air toxic material including pcb's, sodium, petroleum, what have you. I write "may" because in the aftermath of the fire, an emergency evacuation was ordered for people living within half a mile of the site, and a 15 mile radius, including where I am now, was told to close the windows, turn of the air conditioning, stay inside, and wait for air quality results from the state. This order was made "out of an abundance of caution." So, as I type this, I am in the house, windows closed, dog and cat inside. I don't have air conditioning, so that is no issue.

Meanwhile, Channel 10 has reported that the emergency is over:

Residents can now go about their business, but it is recommended that anyone within a 15-mile radius of the incident limit strenuous outdoor activities until officials get a better idea of what is in the air as they are testing it.

Yes, you can go out, just don't breathe too deeply or something. Say what? What exactly is in the air, if I may be so bold as to ask? Can I be told exactly what new, horrible stuff I am now breathing? The Channel 10 report hasn't been confirmed by Columbia County 911 or Columbia County Emergency Management.

Meanwhile, the weather is beautiful outside. A lazy, hazy day of summer. Hot sun, and a nice breeze. I can't smell anything unusual, and my throat isn't burning. If I didn't have a computer would I know about this event?

Is this what Chernobyl would have felt like?

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