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sábado, diciembre 15, 2012

How To Honor The Sandy Hook Victims

I am sad. And I am angry. I don't want to debate anything. I don't want to argue. I don't want to hear about the politics. The theories. The ideas. The law. I'm way beyond that.

I have been overwhelmed most of yesterday and today. The idea that 20 little kids have been shot to death in their classroom is staggering. Some of them, I just heard, were shot 7 times. I don't have anything to say. I'm wordless. I'm idealess.

Maybe on Sunday I will be able to write my usual rant and post it. I doubt it. Right now, though, that seems far away and oddly beside the point.

I wish there were something I could do that would comfort those who have lost their children. Or those who lost their parents and spouses.Or those who lost siblings. I wish there were something I could do that would make it be all right. Sadly, there isn't.

So I have decided, while I am sorting out my inner landscape, to make a donation to the Coalition To Stop Gun Violence. I made my donation in honor of the Sandy Hook Elementary Children. There really isn't much else I can do.

Please join me. Because this is the Internet, a small donation, one you won't even feel later on, can provide important resources for the upcoming battle to control gun violence. To prevent further murders of this kind.

I don't ever want to hear again that school children have been killed in their classrooms.

Making a donation seems to me to be a step toward that.

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