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viernes, julio 26, 2013

Yes, but where have you been?

Oh my. Your Bloguero's existence in the pixelated world is fading. Let him explain. This morning he noticed that he had not posted here in more than two months, the longest time ever. This, after 1445 posts over many years. And not even an explanation. Or a warning. Cue feelings of abandonment, violins, perhaps sadness and maybe even (sigh of Hammond organ) guilt. Shudder.

Maybe this is because blogs are so old school. Maybe they bear the same relationship to those old listservs and email chain letters that DVDs have to cassettes, old technology that improved only slightly on even older tech. Maybe social media (yes, your Bloguero is on FB and Twitter) have stomped out in rapid fire 140-character phrases all of the work it takes to post to a coherent entry to a blog. Maybe the wise crack has supplanted more developed thoughts. Maybe spontaneity (and not readiness) is all.

Maybe this is because, as your Bloguero once opined here, he wanted to get out of his chair, push back from the keyboard, avert his eyes from the screen and participate in the outside world, to have adventures as he bravely put it. And no, he declines to write about these adventures, thoughts, experiences here. The details of your Bloguero's personal life have never been the subject of this blog, and he doubts that they are the proper subject for any.

Maybe this is because your Bloguero spends every workday writing and when the day draws to a close, the last thing he feels like doing is even more writing.

Maybe this is because your Bloguero is forbidden by his present occupational activities from discussing politics or legal cases. Your Bloguero thinks this is not the greatest reason for his absence.

And so, your Bloguero offers you, dear reader, this: an apology for a prolonged, unexplained absence. Your Bloguero feels a bit like the father of the protagonist in the great children's book "Henry Bear's Park." The father is a balloon ascensionist. One day he flies off, leaving Henry to tend the park where they live. No explanation. No forewarning. Such a departure is probably inherent in his life's activities, in ballooning. And then, one day, he returns. Will your Bloguero return? He assumes we will all find out in due course.

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