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sábado, junio 04, 2011

Visualizing That Tightrope, Part 2

Nik Wallenda crosses over his mother, Delilah Wallenda, mid rope

MSNBC reports:

Two members of a famed acrobatic family commemorated patriarch Karl Wallenda on Saturday by completing the stunt that killed him, walking between two towers of a seaside hotel on a wire 100 feet above the ground, without a net.

Nik Wallenda said he had planned to walk by himself across a 300-foot-long wire, but his mother [who is in her late 50's] convinced him to let her join him on the reconstruction of the fatal 1978 stunt.

"I've been mentally prepared my entire life for this," he said. "I've seen the video of my great-grandfather falling hundreds of times. It's something I've been wanting to do for all of us, for our family."

What an incredible memorial for Karl Wallenda.

I have no idea why I, someone who is profoundly afraid of great heights, love stories about walking on high wires without a safety net. An example of my timidity: at Uniqulo in New York, you can see through the stairs, to the floor below. I was virtually petrified by this, I had trouble walking up the stairs. But enough about me. The high wire story keeps resurfacing. First, there was this piece; now this. I am totally awestruck by these demonstrations of raw courage. I applaud.

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