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lunes, septiembre 12, 2005

Infinite Sales

The Dream Antilles was ranked #272,010 in sales on Amazon today. Over the weekend it was #610,000 something. That means, one suspects, that on Sunday somebody must have bought 2 copies of this wonderful book. That catapulted The Dream Antilles to its present, impressive ranking. What a great and wonderful achievement! If one of you bought 9 books immediately, I bet the ranking might even reach #98,000 until Wednesday. Heaven only knows what would happen if somebody bought 100 copies of The Dream Antilles. What a magnificent ranking it would have then! I can hardly imagine it and the attendant fame.

Harry Potter is ranked #1 on Amazon. The Dream Antilles is ranked #272,010. Can you imagine the 272,009 books between that fat Harry Potter book and the skinny book, The Dream Antilles? It's reminiscent of Borghes's Infinite Library. I can't even imagine 200 topics for books, let alone 272,009 different summaries of books. Imagine all of these books, all different sizes and shapes and colors, lined up on a shelf stretching from desde Desdemona all the way across the sea to Guayana. Imagine what's among them: guides to the wildflowers of Iowa, books about dog grooming, books about dieting and cooking, books about making funeral arrangements, novellas about Pirates abducting women from Habana, the English literary canon, books of photographs of 19th century greeting cards, books about rare cardiological operations. The list is as exhausting as it is exhaustive.

So pitch in. Get The Dream Antilles moved up the shelf, closer to Harry Potter, closer to James Joyce and Garcia Marquez, and away from all those embarrassing books that nobody really enjoys that are flirting with being permanently ranked at #610,000 something.