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jueves, noviembre 21, 2013

'Tis The Season for Shameless Commerce And Self Promotion

Please forgive your Bloguero some seasonal commercialism and some self promotion. If it's one thing your Bloguero now understands, it's that the Internet isn't just, as they sing in Avenue Q, for pron. No. It's as much about other forms of commerce. In this environment, what's a small, literary blog with just a few viewers, dwindling posts and a lazy blogger/writer to do? Your Bloguero knows: run a commercial in which he pumps/pimps his own product. Oh, here it comes now.

Two really wonderful stocking stuffers are your Bloguero's two novellas, Tulum and The Dream Antilles. You can get them in paperback and in all eBook formats. And you can get them at Amazon (Tulum and The Dream Antilles) and B&N (Tulum and The Dream Antilles). You can take your Bloguero's word for it, they are a great gift and the recipients will really enjoy reading them.

If you order soon, and send them to your Bloguero, he will autograph them, inscribe them however you would like, and return them to you (please provide well stamped envelope).

Is that a deal, or what?

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