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martes, septiembre 13, 2005

Bloviating Bashibazooks!

If you want immeasurably to heighten your enjoyment of The Dream Antilles, all you have to do is listen for half an hour to the Senate's confirmation hearings for Chief Justice on NPR. Notice how unlikeable all of the participants are, how pompous, how puffed up like blowfish, how patronizing, how mechanical. Notice also that the commentators make believe there is something meaningful in the hearings, something worth analyzing. The fact is it's all just staged blather. The conclusion is foregone. It is sound and fury signifying absolutely nothing. It's really just packaging of a done deal and propaganda. Oh, it feels so good firmly to press the power button to shut this up! After half an hour of such mental and oral abuse, desde Desdemona is an even more delightful paradise. I want to lie in my hammock with my book (Alejo Carpentier's Lost Steps), listen while I read to the sounds of the wind on the reef, and enjoy a paradise where such Punch and Judy shows, such phoney masqued balls and dress-up theatricals are eschewed. I confess: I greatly prefer sitting naked in the sea and watching the clouds.
(Thanks to Herge and Tin Tin for this posting).


Blogger Leann said...

John Roberts is definitely hiding something. It's probably the fact that he's a hypocritical so-called "christian" who wants to promote the right wing agenda of paying the rich to exploit the poor.

He sucks big hairy donkey dick!!!!!!

2:26 p.m.  

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