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sábado, septiembre 17, 2005

Oh That Swamiji!

Greetings from the third day of eating nothing but juiced vegetables. The present favorite is kale, celery, fennell, cucumber juice. Three or four times a day, 12 or 16 ounces. Oh, and drink lots of water. Where does this lead? For some reason there are no posted signs, but I recall the blissfulness that will eventually arrive. When? Who knows? But I know that when I did this 6 months ago-- it should be done twice a year-- I was suffused with gratitude and joy. I know that will happen again. Meanwhile, I'm mostly lying around contemplating my world.

The essential tool for juice fasting is a powerful juicer. Swamiji prefers the Green Life juicer, which we have. Even with a great juicer, it's a time consuming operation to juice the vegetables. Those who have not done it will be amazed by how very many vegetables it takes to make 12 ounces of juice. The juicer reduces the vegetables to their most vital elements; the rest is pulp that ends up in the compost.

Where does Swamiji get these ideas linking what one puts in one's mouth with the condition of one's spirit? Who knows? But there's no doubt that one's emotional, psychological, spiritual outlook is tethered to what one eats. It's an incredible journey to watch this unfold.


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